being inquisitive is one of the keys to success!

HI there and welcome. My name is Teresa Moroney and I am the founder of Unlock Within!

The journey......having learning difficulties, labelled dyslexic, low self-esteem, I unwittingly became comfortable in my status quo!

Physical prowess was my thing! Worked a ray of diverse and interesting  jobs, Quality Control Officer was one!


I jumped on the relationship merry-go-round and had four wonderful children that I adore, and raised three as single mum! Outside of my children and work, horses were the main constant in my life, from childhood and throughout adulthood.  Horses were my driving force towards learning.

For the better part, life was good, I mean, I could pay the bills and feed and educate my children!

At work I suffered a back and neck injury! That fortunate day was when my life spiralled out of control!

That's right Fortunate day! The beginning of the new me!

I was loaded up with limiting beliefs, my emotions were driving the bus on the road to nowhere, in my mind, I had become redundant in my own life! 

I arrived at a point where I'd had enough!

Out of sheer desperation, for a distraction away from my circumstances, the decision was made to investigate options and invest in myself. I signed up for a course that included NLP and Hypnosis and it was worth every cent! After discovering my learning strategies, I quickly expanded my knowledge base. I then invested in my personal development with one of the most highly regarded coaches and , well, the rest is history!

Taking ownership of your "stuff" is magical and self-empowering! The shift of perceptions brings about a mind boggling transformation!

I now invite you to unlock your inner genius!

The nitty gritty!


If you have a particular issue, we can explore it fully! With clarity around the matter the next step is to define a clear outcome!  A mix of questioning & discussion, along with activities, education, self-empowerment. Utilising a variety of techniques to ensure you are aligned with your goal and are crystal clear on what you want, and know how to get there!

Your map to success!

Fun Facts on what we do!

Hypnosis - What it is and what it is not!

Contrary to some beliefs you are not "hypnotised" and under another's influence when hypnosis is being used.  You are fully aware during the process, but are in a relaxed state called trance!  You can employ the  powerful influence of your unconscious mind in the trance state!

This is a to do with process, not a to do to process!

Biofeedback – ideo-motor response!

What is that?

 “Idea, or mental representation” and “motor (muscular reaction)”.

“reflective” muscular reaction, often of miniscule degree and potentially outside of the conscious awareness of the client!


"This is a gift of connection to our body!" 


Technique, Where and When do we use this?

The technique used, is specialized kinesiology, the aim is to detect and correct imbalances that may relate to stress, nutrition, minor injuries! It is really just data collection in regards to the stresses in the body! It is quick, it is effective!


This is utilize mainly in the physical face to face sessions!